Biosafety Mission-Safe food supplements and appliances

The core mission of this food platform is to give the best kitchen appliances like blenders in the form of reviews, ratings, best protein supplements like thats boosts energy and stamina and outdoor materials.

Kitchen appliances include food processors, juicers and blenders.The food processors that we recommend to our esteemed customers include Hamilton food processor.

All this are top qualities blenders that from renowned manufactures.

Types of Blenders

There are many blenders on the market today but which one is the best? They include Oster Blender,Bella Blender and vitamix 5300. 

types of blenders


Which are the best juicers on the market today? They include but not limited to the following:

Kuvings Juicer; it has a wide mouth hence no precutting of your vegetables and fruits needed. Our platform recommends this one because its a slow juicer meaning you get all nutrients than a fast juicer.

Good practise for weight loss

What is the cause of weight gain?

Prescription drugs: this birth control pills affect metabolism  by increasing or decreasing your appetite.

Bad eating habits: eating junk foods with high calorie will surely make you gain a lot of weight. Same with eating lots of food and no exercising it’s a sure bet of making you gain a lot of weight.

Stress: many people tend to eat a lot when under depression or stress. Eating a lot will automatically increase belly and body fat and this is not good for your health. Do mild work outs if under stress and try a lot to know what is bringing you stress so you can avoid it.